Advantage ChiroCare Treatment Philosophy

Too often we see our office filled with people living with daily pain unnecessarily. There has been too many times where we hear about our patient's "daily headache" or "daily migraine" or Tuesday morning low back pain after returning to work after the weekend.

We often hear about Monday morning pains after the "weekend warrior" activities, often unnecessarily.

Unlike many Doctors of Chiropractic, we don't just focus on misalignments of the spine, we look at the whole body as an integral unit, where balance is key.

We look at muscular balance, joint integrity and overall strength of the involved tissues to the structure, so that the patient's symptoms are minimized or eliminated. The goal is to strengthen the tissues and structure to eliminate fatigue and weakness, causing pain as the day progresses.

We utilize strengthening, yoga, joint mobilization, nutrition, rehabilitative exercises, physiotherapy modalities and spinal manipulation to restore the core. Our job is to teach the patient to become aware of the needs of their own body so they are empowered to maintain their own body's integrity.